La mélodie du coeur – Explanations

Explications en français

I dedicate “La mélodie du coeur” to all musicians.

When I wrote this song, I was not looking for harmonic beauty but I went to the piano and let my heart talk …
Because music, for me, is above all a story of heart after being a way to open up to unknown things. In this song, everything was known beforehand. No harmonic analysis was necessary, because of its simplicity: it comes from the depth of my heart and is aimed at each one of you.

The song was arranged by Marco Ciccone, an outstanding arranger, and played with great talent by musicians that I appreciate: Benoit Vanderstraeten (bass), Bruno Castellucci (drums), Paolo Loveri (guitar), Françoise Derissen (violin 1, 2, viola), Sigrid Vandenbogaerde (cello), Sylvain Cremers (oboe).
Mixed by Gérald Jans at the Noise Factory Studio in Namur.

The clip is the story of a child who discovers music as if he had found a treasure he wants to share with the world”… music lives, it’s happiness …”, this child has made music alive because it all comes from the heart with a message to share. The story is interpreted by Manoah Moffa, my sweet child.
Clip edited by Carmelo Carmusciano, Super 8 Media Company.

Enjoy and do not hesitate to share and support my artistic life.