Assunta Di Pasquale

Saxophonist, Gospel-Jazz-Latin Composer, Pianist, Singer


The video clip “To love without condition” (True Love Dedicated Songs), is released

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True love dedicated songs

The Reason for Christmas

Gospel Trilogy

Un Caffè

Joy, Everlasting joy

La mélodie du coeur

La vie est belle 

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Soulful, passionate, stirring…these are the words most often used to describe Assunta’s music.

Assunta Di Pasquale started her life being rocked in a musical environment; her brothers and sisters, musicians like her, have always rejoiced their mum’s heart, a musician as well.


At the age of six, Assunta started studying the piano in a Conservatory in Belgium and she was just eleven when she composed her first musical piece.

As a teenager, her wish to learn everyday more led her to attend piano studies with even further assiduity. At that time, she also started to attend classical saxophone lessons. She also studied singing at the Sambreville Conservatory.