New projects to come

  • True Love Dedicated songs (July 2022) containaing the following songs, arranged by Michel Herr :
    «Love is the flavor of life », «De l’amour sans compter » (a song composed in 2005, which was the result of a dream…) , « To love without condition »
  • Amar sempre : A Brazilian song composed in 2015 which will be arranged by Nilson Lopes Baixo, a Brazilian arranger
  • La vida es un regalo : A Spanish song written in 2001 describing the beauty of life; this song will be arranged by Marco Ciccone, an Italian arranger
  • The song “Don’t give up on your dreams” will be arranged by Marco Ciccone, release in January 2024


Concert à la Hestre

Jazztutta Quartet concert La Hestre
September 27, 2024

Admission: 15 € (children under 12 years : free)

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